Acne Clearing System

You have acne prone skin if:

• Your pores are clogged (blackheads and whiteheads)
• Multiple breakouts are common
• You have visible inflammation and redness



Cleanse: Spotless Cleanser keeps skin smooth, clean and clear with 2% Salicylic acid

Tone: Acne Toner drenches your skin with complexion clarifying ingredients including .5% salicylic acid

Exfoliate: Amino mask highly active formula to control oil and deep clean pores with 5% sulfur

Protect: Sun Diffusing Protector or Ray Defense SPF 15 or SPF 30 broad spectrum protection

Spot Treat: Breakout Control Dries and heals existing blemishes with 5% benzoyl peroxide

These Products treat the causes not just the symptoms of acne. For best results, use them together as a system.